Press Release 23/11/2016

The Pyrometallurgy Modernization Project in KGHM PM completed

At Głogów Copper Smelter there was an inauguration of the completed Comprehensive Pyrometallurgy Modernization Program that took place in 2010 - 2016. As a result, the world's most modern production line, based on increased efficiency and reliability of the technological line, was launched at KGHM PM. Throughout the implementation period of the Program, BIPROMET SA acted as General Investment Designer.

Innovative solutions designed from scratch, consisting in reconstruction of Głogów Smelter and modernization of the technological process of the Flash Furnace for copper smelting are the main tasks entrusted to BIPROMET as part of the implementation of the comprehensive Pyrometallurgy Modernization Program in Głogów. As a result, BIPROMET’s design team implemented a solution to adapt the technological line of blister copper production, previously based on melting of concentrates in shaft furnaces, to the possibility of melting it in a Flash Furnace. Thus, innovative design consisted in replacing obsolete and burdensome environmental and power-consuming technologies, a modern flash process that significantly reduces processing costs, as well as creates the opportunity to further recover the remaining valuable metals in various phases of the production process. In addition, BIPROMET designed and built a wet desulfurization system of tapping runners of the Flash and Electric Furnaces, and a bag filter for Electric Furnace de-dusting.

 "Modernization of the pyrometallurgy process at Głogów Copper Smelter was one of the most important investment projects implemented for the technological line of KGHM Polska Miedź SA. This task did not concerned the introduction of modern technological solutions in the production process only but also reducing the harmful effects of environmental factors, as well as improving the safety and operating conditions of workers. This is why I am delighted that BIPROMET's competency has been unmatched over the years and allowed us to undertake such an important comprehensive project. Therefore, the project was a huge technical and organizational challenge for all partners cooperating on this project. Hence, the experience gained during various stages of work allowed us to develop unique solutions that are nowadays expected by manufacturers in the non-ferrous metal industry. As a result of completion of the project, Głogów Copper Smelter  is a manufacturer that meets all production quality requirements and environmental requirements at the required high global level. Moreover, today's innovations in this project set standards for other international industrial complexes." - emphasizes Zbigniew Przebindowski, President of the Management Board of BIPROMET SA

The innovative installation of process gas combustion and cooling is the result of work of BIPROMET’s design team. The so-called cold wall was used, which means that process gases flow through a special duct, cooled by water, which takes heat from it. The adopted solution allowed for modernization of the combustion chamber structure at that time and replacing it with a modern installation, which enabled successful burning of carbon monoxide while cooling gases from 1400ºC to 400ºC. In addition, the new solution was fully adapted to the increased amount of gas produced thanks to the intensified copper production, thus ensuring a successful post-combustion. Moreover, the implemented modernization of the process gas cleaning system has eliminated emissions of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere at the level currently in force in the European Union. It is worth emphasizing that all these innovative solutions are the technical ideas of Polish designers and are already recognized and appreciated in the world of non-ferrous metal industry.


The Pyrometallurgy Modernization Project in KGHM PM completed

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