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The heavy industry is defined as one that produces investment goods. Whereas its condition significantly affects the level and pace of a given country’s economic development. In Poland, it went through several stages from rebuilding after World War II, extending, modernizing, and now new challenges in implementing innovations related to environmental safety and improvement of work comfort. BIPROMET has participated in every stage of the transformation of the heavy industry, gaining experience and unique technological competence.

Thus, modernization of Polish production plants took place in the field of design, construction and modernization of the heavy industry in Poland. Moreover, from the beginning it has designed all copper smelters and processing plants for the copper concern of KGHM PM SA.

The most important projects during the rebuilding period were, among others,  ZGH Bolesław, Miasteczko Zinc Plant , Konin Aluminium Smelter, ZGK Kety, Skawina Metalurgy Plant, Lead Recycling Plants- Baterpol and Orzeł Biały.

At the modernization  period , BIPROMET executed engineering in the area of modernization and intensification of a number of main copper production complexes to improve technological processes, metallurgical furnaces, de-dusting systems, machinery and equipment and power utilities at Głogów I and Głogów II Copper Smelters.

Thanks to the developed technological solutions in the field of de-dusting and gas treatment, BIPROMET has expanded its activities in the field of providing innovative environment protection methods. Thus, it is now an expert, participating in projects related to technical innovations and modernization and development of new technological lines for domestic and foreign investors.

Process Discipline Mechanical and Technological Discipline Structural and Architectural Discipline Installation Discipline Electrical and Automation Discipline Environmental Protection

Process Discipline

We carry out design works in the field of extraction metallurgy, pyrometallurgy and metal ...

Mechanical and Technological Discipline

We prepare technological and structural designs for specialist industrial installations with a focus on working ...

Structural and Architectural Discipline

We develop construction and assembly documentation for industry, housing, bank and supermarket complexes and ...

Installation Discipline

Our design documentation we create on the basis of a 3D model, which greatly reduces ...

Electrical and Automation Discipline

We implement tasks in the area of designing complex control systems and automation of ...

Environmental Protection

We enable companies to introduce innovative solutions in the field of efficient management of raw ...
Analyses and pre-investment concepts Comprehensive design and engineering documentation General implementation of “turnkey” investments Contract Engineer Services Training, start-ups and acceptance

Analyses and pre-investment concepts

This stage requires a very detailed analysis of needs and expectations of future users of ...

Comprehensive design and engineering documentation

We prepare design documentation that includes technical drawings and a detailed description of work on ...

General implementation of “turnkey” investments

In its organizational structure, apart from the Design Department, BIPROMET also has a General Investment ...

Contract Engineer Services

Diversification of the operational activities of BIPROMET has allowed us to gain unique competence on ...

Training, start-ups and acceptance

We prepare start-up documentation and operating instructions at the stage of commissioning of an ...

General PMP Investment Designer

20,000 tons - total weight of steel structures

20,000 tons - total weight of steel structures

13 000 tons - steel structure of the main building

13 000 tons - steel structure of the main building

3 500 - tonne design a slurry furnace

3 500 - tonne design a slurry furnace

350 000 - m3 total design volume the complex of the object

350 000 - m3 total design volume the complex of the object

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