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Maria Sowiak

Maria Sowiak

Vice President

"The Company’s design process is treated in a comprehensive way, which means that it addresses engineering and economic issues using modern, competitive and environmentally-friendly, technological solutions, mainly in the metallurgical industry. The organization of work is based on the following offices: Process, Technological, Installation, Electric and Automation, and Construction and Architectural. The company and its high potential of experts, experience and high level of IT resources, seeks to develop its activities in the traditional heavy industry sector, which is metallurgy, while simultaneously diversifying its activities, among others, in the energy infrastructure, and the broadly understood industrial construction infrastructure. For this purpose, we have been investing in our employees, implementing knowledge transfer programs and management systems, and expanding specialized software resources, resulting in tangible benefits in the form of unified, high-quality projects implemented at an optimal time at an accepted preparation stage. Definitely, these activities give rise to the next stage, which is comprehensive investment implementation". - says Maria Sowiak, Vice President of the Management Board of BIPROMET SA


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